ACTIONS Wellness Monitoring Plan

Real Time Motivation

With a focus on the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, ACTIONS Wellness Monitoring Plans consist of real time case management, coaching, counseling, mentoring, family updates, and facilitation of  substance testing (when applicable) and are custom built to address the identified areas of need specific to each individual client we work with. Beginning with a higher level of monitoring that will gradually decrease, Wellness Monitoring Plans function in 1-month (28-day) cycle periods and may vary in length based on need, generally lasting 3-6 months but may be longer or shorter based on appropriateness.

Wellness Monitoring Plans consist of 4 essential components; Case Management, Coaching, Counseling, and ACTIONS Sessions.


Counseling will be facilitated by a Licensed Professional specializing in treating a client's specific needs. This portion of our Wellness Monitoring Plans may be facilitated by our team, in collaboration with an existing therapist or treatment professional, or by a specialty provider recommended by our team based on client need.

Our Wellness Monitoring Plans allow us to collaborate with other treatment professionals you may currently be working with. This includes Individual Therapists, Psychiatrists, Medical Doctors and any other treatment providers you are receiving services from . We regularly refer clients to other specialists if the clients needs are outside our counseling focus. In this case, we hold the therapeutic space by providing case management and adding the support needed to meet the treatment goals set by the professional you are working with. We will work closely with your treatment provider, filling all gaps and ensuring the entire support system is moving in the same direction. This also includes working seamlessly with Outpatient or Sober Living programs.

Coaching- Family, Life, or Recovery

Coaching sessions are a 1-hour weekly "calibration" meeting between the client their coach. These weekly meeting focus on helping the client discover answers for themselves, identify goals, determine what ACTIONS are needed to achieve those goals, and assess what progress has been made. People are much more likely to engage with solutions they have come up with themselves rather than those that are forced upon them. Another area of focus during a coaching meeting is to assess progress, identify next steps, and establish "marching orders" for the next week, which includes scheduling.

Case Management

A Case Manager, also the clients Coach, is the primary point of contact for any issues related to the service portion of your Wellness Monitoring Plan. Case management is a collaborative process intended to achieve optimal wellness and autonomy through a process of assessment, education, planning, care coordination, and advocacy for service options that meet both an individual's and a family's comprehensive needs. During this process, it is important that communication remains open as we need to know what is and what is not working in order to identify service resources, provide the service facilitation, and begin to help inspire your change.


ACTIONS Sessions

Facilitated by a Coach, ACTIONS Sessions can occur as many as 7 days a week and are longer in duration than a traditional counseling session, typically lasting between 2-6 hours. It is possible for these sessions to last longer if deemed necessary by the service team or requested by the client. In extreme circumstances or in the event of a weekend getaway, ACTIONS Sessions can last a full 24-72 hours. The purpose of ACTIONS Sessions is to provide hands on support in real time and encourage people to manage their life in a way that will maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve overall performance, and identify and eliminate behaviors that cause negative life consequences. ACTIONS Sessions are about becoming more self-aware, taking responsibility for your life and guiding you into a more fulfilling lifestyle. Most people know what needs to be done to level up mentally or physically, they just need a push to get them started and a presence to hold them accountable along the way.


Relationship Building Activities

Relationship building activities are included in each Wellness Monitoring Plans to ensure there is balance between work and play. It is important to show there is fun in healthy living. Active lifestyles do more than facilitate good physical health, they also create a “feel good” feeling that can foster motivation and lead to life improvements. Because of this, we engage our clients in activities that create trusting bonds, encourage a healthy lifestyle and allow us to reach them when they are most likely to be receptive.


Family Updates

Family members often hold information that is key to helping form a plan that will lead to lasting change. Because of this, families will be invited into this process to address the impact certain behaviors have on the family system. When a client grants us permission to speak with the family, families will be provided with information on plan progress as appropriate and we will ask for the same in return. Keeping the lines of communication open will help prevent silo treatment, no more secrets. One scheduled weekly phone call or one weekly face-to-face meeting with the family, independent of the client, will be included in each Wellness Monitoring Plan. The limit of one scheduled weekly conversation is an intentional boundary strategy that is intended to provide the family system with an oftentimes much needed break. However, there is no limit on non-scheduled communications.

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