Coaching By Phone

In our technological era, the widespread use of the internet and personal communication devices has had a profound impact on the health and wellness industry. As such, it was only a matter of time before the coaching profession would realize the benefits of TeleCoaching. Recently, TeleCoaching has been used in place of in-person visits and preliminary research has shown that TeleCoaching can be just as effective as in-person visits while improving access to health and wellness services and savings in health insurance dollars.

TeleCoaching is a lower cost alternative to private one-on-one coaching sessions and offers an effective format for honing your focus and staying accountable for your own forward progress. It entails using personal communication and technology devices such as a phone, personal computer, tablet, and email to provide coaching services. TeleCoaching allows clients to overcome barriers to in-person services such as busy schedules, child care, distance and transportation.

It has been documented as being effective for weight loss, eating disorders, diabetes, heart disease, artificial nutrition support and routine check-ups. TeleCoaching can reduce appointment time while still providing quality services. With any new method of practice, it is essential that it be acceptable to providers and clients, and TeleCoaching has a high satisfaction rate, with the quality of care rated as comparable to in-person visits.

The big advantages of TeleCoaching are obvious: Sessions are easy to schedule and it saves on travel time and expenses for the coach and client. Calls will generally last 30 - 90 minutes, depending on the topic of the discussion.

Going into the call, the client will need to be very clear about the objectives/expectations for the coaching call. The opening of the call will be used to determine what will be discussed and what the client expects from the coach. Then coach and client will spend time discussing previous week progress, the client's current situation, how it is different from what the client wants, and steps to take to get there.

ACTIONS Wellness Coaches will require a minimum of 1 monthly face-to-face visit as part of TeleCoaching services. For long distance clients, this requirement can be satisfied with bi-weekly video sessions.

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