Professional Transport

The Journey is as Important as the Destination

We provide safe and secure national transportation to and from any treatment program or safe destination. Our goal is to minimize the anxiety and fear for the individual, as well as the family, by ensuring a safe and efficient transition. Our team of professionals will arrange all travel logistics and provide a welcome alternative to the family during an undoubtedly stressful time. Our escorts are able to address concerns, calm fears, and impart the knowledge that the client has made the best decision of their lives and that they have the powerful choice to keep making those healthy decisions. Many of our escorts have been through this themselves. They will lend their experience, strength, and hope to encourage and support the client in an effort to insure a successful trip to the next phase of the journey.

ACTIONS Wellness Group offers 3 basic types of of Sober Transport Services:

  • From home/jail/detox to treatment

  • From treatment to extended care/sober living

  • From treatment to home

We will meet the client wherever they are—their home, apartment, hotel, jail, airport, rehab facility —and we will stay by their side until they are safe and comfortable at their destination. We will help remind and reinforce the client of their tools if they are tempted toward relapse or getting cold feet. We will help the client manage the stress of travel. If having possession of money is triggering for the client, we will gladly pick up anything they need so they can travel without the stress of handling cash.

We aim to make transport easy on everyone involved. Give us a call! We will take care of arranging flights, rental cars, hotels, and whatever else is necessary to get yourself or your loved one safely to your destination. We will always utilize the most economical methods of travel available to us, unless you request otherwise. We will take care of the logistical details and provide you with a single invoice so you can stay focused on the recovery process.

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