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Meet Our Team


Scott Lynch, CLC, NCIP, NCCM

Executive Director

After dealing with his own early struggles, Scott entered the mental health field with a desire to help others find the path to recovery. Beginning his career as a direct care staff in Austin Recovery's Detox Unit, he moved on to hold roles in admissions and other various administrative and field positions. He brings with him a background in detox services, admissions, case management, discharge planning, inpatient and outpatient treatment, life coaching, and interventions- having served in roles for both non-profit and for profit organizations. Scott holds degrees in both Psychology and Business as well as certifications in Life Coaching, Case Management, and Interventions. He has a true passion for this field and brings a broad spectrum of experience, strength, and hope to the work he does. He takes great honor in helping struggling individuals and their families.

"Recovery is a journey, not a destination. And we are honored to be a part of yours". -Scott Lynch

Allen Jones, LCDC, NCIP, PRS, ADs

Director of Clinical Services

Allen spent 26 years in active addiction, using drugs and alcohol to mask the problems of fear, anxiety, and the pain of not fitting into crowds he desperately wanted to be a part of. Jails, institutions, and death are the three things that are most common with addiction, and while not actually dead, the spiritual death he felt caused him and his family insurmountable pain and at times wanting to end his life. Then, on July 17, 2006, Allen entered treatment at a local non-profit organization and would learn the tools necessary to find the comfort in his skin that he had always searched for. After much work, Allen and his family now have a life that he never would have imagined.


Fueled by the desire to help others achieve the same comfort in their life, Allen obtained a License in Chemical Dependency Counseling and professional certifications in Peer Recovery Support, Interventions, and AcuDetox. He now has over a decade working in the recovery field with experience in preventative education services, detox services, residential treatment, outpatient treatment, medication-assisted treatment, and counseling.


Through both his personal and professional experience with therapy, Allen noticed an important gap in the treatment continuation process. He has made it his purpose to close that gap and teach people how to use the tools learned in treatment in the real world. While most people have the necessary tools to navigate daily activities, a lack of experience on how to apply those tools in real-world settings leaves them vulnerable. His message is simple; knowing or having the tools to overcome daily struggles is not enough. We must also be aware of the challenges awaiting us and know which ACTIONS to apply in response. By walking hand in hand with the people he works with, facing challenges together, he demonstrates people can recover and be inspired to live a life free from chemicals.

"Stop worrying about how it is going to happen and begin your actions to allow it to happen." -Allen Jones

Camille Reid

Lead Wellness Coordinator

Camille spent much of her teens and early twenties in active addiction that ran her life and clouded judgement in personal and professional relationships. The knowledge she gained through attempts at sobriety, asking for help, and finally reaching continuous long recovery from substances and harmful relationships has strengthened her as a young woman navigating life in a healthy and productive manner. By balancing supporting elements of creativity, nutrition, fitness, education, and giving back, Camille shares her hope and support with young women who are going down a familiar path with relationships or who have shared experience with attempts at long term sobriety. She now lives a life she and her family can be proud of and looks forward to being able to share her experience, strength and hope through recovery with any individual willing to listen.

"Building a life with purpose, direction, and passion is the foundation and joy of living.” -Camille Reid

Bryan Hausman

Wellness Coach

After 30 years of living in active addiction, 13 years of that in and out of the "rooms" of AA, Bryan finally had his moment of inspiration and surrendered by accept the gift of sobriety. Equipped with nothing but a grocery bag, a bus pass, and a desire for sobriety and a life of fulfillment he began his new journey in recovery. Bryan's moment of inspiration came in the form of service work, specifically the compassion he felt for the many hungry and forgotten individuals that make up Austin's homeless population. For the the first time in a very long time he felt a sense of purpose. Following that sense of purpose Bryan founded "In the Shade", a street outreach service assisting the homeless and helping to restore hope and happiness into a community stricken with hopelessness and depression.

Starting from a humble beginning, similar to his story of early sobriety, Bryan and In the Shade would hit the streets of Austin and feed a few people a week. Oddly enough, Bryan began to notice another similarity between the early days of his sobriety and his new foundation. The more time he invested and the more ACTIONS he applied, the quicker he achieved his desired results.

Today, Bryan and In the Shade assist in feeding anywhere from 300 to 400 individuals a week. Most of that number reflects members of Austin's homeless populations, but the homeless are not the only people to fall on hard times or experience difficulties navigating everyday life. As such, Bryan expanded services and founded "Hope and Healing" to help men and women transition into sober living. Hope and Healing, H/H, developed a strong focus on and dedication to single mothers in recovery. Hope and Healing provides single moms the tools and resources they need to live their best life, for them and their children. In another example of his personal story sounding eerily similar to the story of the people he has the honor of serving, it became clear to Bryan that no one is immune to landing in situations are too big for them at that moment. Everyone, at some point in their lives, will find themselves in a situation they do not have the answer for. They may quietly, even inexcusably shamefully out of fear of how they will be perceived by society, reach out for help. All it would take is a single hand reaching back out to change that persons entire perception of life, direction in life, and resulting contribution into life.

The words a mentor once spoke to Bryan now have life, "providing hope to someone who is feeling discouraged is one of the most rewarding things a person can do." It all started to make sense to Bryan, "To keep the program, we must give it away." His ability to see the best in people and the desire to help them reach that potential led him to ACTIONS Wellness Group. As he begins the chapter in his life, he is looking forward to helping others begin theirs as a member of the AWG team.

“I’m not selling anything, I’m giving away hope ." -Bryan Hausman