The services provided at ACTIONS Wellness Group benefit anyone looking for motivation and accountability, that extra push, to help reach their goals and realize their fullest potential. However, we have identified a gap in services and know in order for us to keep it, we must give it away. We are committed to honoring this with both our time and financial resources. Please contact us if we can help, or if your are interested, in any of the following.

Service Work: Community or Facility

  • Lectures.

  • Support Groups: Bring our experience, strength, and hope.

  • Volunteering at charities/fundraisers.

  • Food Banks.

  • Food/Clothes Drive.

  • Sponsorship.

  • Community Cleanup.

  • Recycling Programs.

  • And more. If we can help, we will.

ACTIONS Service Scholarships: (Must Apply)

  • Wellness Education Group- 3 clients per cycle (12 Week Group)

  • Coaching- 1 client per month (4 Sessions)

ACTIONS Basic Need Assistance: As funds are available. (Must Apply)

  • Food- Pets Included.

  • Utilities.

  • Clothing.

  • Gasoline.

  • Child Care.

  • Rent Assistance.

We Cannot Do It Alone

We, the community, need your help. If you'd like to support our mission, please consider contributing to our ACTIONS Basic Needs Fund.  To make a contribution to the ACTIONS Basic Needs Fund, Please Click the Button Below​: